What makes memories?


The making of a memory is a complex event within the brain and a central aspect of our ability to learn. Yet, it is something that we take for granted until it starts to fail us through aging, disease or injury. Recently I came across a wonderful series of lectures by Eric Kandel, M.D. and other neuroscientists produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Center. I wanted to share the link through NeuroBlog. I think that you will find Dr. Kandel’s presentation on memory to be valuable.

Click here for the link to the lectures:



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Dr. Rolf Gainer is the founder of the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma as well as the Neurological Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario, in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Gainer is a psychologist with more than twenty-five years of experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with brain injuries and a dual diagnosis. Dr. Gainer has designed and operated innovative rehabilitation programs in the United States and Canada for individuals who have been regarded as difficult to serve. He is currently involved in conducting two outcome studies related to the long-term issues faced by individuals with brain injuries and a dual diagnosis. He has presented papers throughout the United States and Canada in many professional conferences and educational forums.
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