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How To Help An Employee Return To The Workplace After Traumatic Brain Injury

When an employee has a brain injury, it can be difficult for an employer to know exactly what they need to do to accommodate their employee’s needs. Depending on the severity of the brain injury, an employee may just need a few days off. Or, they may need significant changes to their work environment and […]

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Disrupted Brain Pathways Could Explain The Difference Between TBI in Men and Women

Men and women who experience concussions often have similar experiences in many ways. The headaches, nausea, and confusion are almost universal among those who experience a  traumatic brain injury. But, the effects of TBI in men and women can also be very different. Past research has shown women are significantly more likely to develop neuropsychiatric […]

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TBI Can Be Costly, Even Years Later

The personal costs of traumatic brain injury can be devastating. Disability, mental and emotional changes that can be potentially long-lasting, and relationship strain are just a few ways the injury can affect a person. However, it is often forgotten that the actual monetary cost of TBI can be just a severe for many. A new […]

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Study Identifies Children At Risk For Disability After TBI

A single symptom following traumatic brain injuries in children may be key to identifying those most at risk for disability as they grow, says a new study from researchers at Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California. The team says children with delayed visual perception following a serious brain injury may develop unique […]

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“Microwave Helmet” May Help Evaluate Traumatic Brain Injuries

A new “microwave helmet” may be able to quickly identify bleeding in the brain after a traumatic brain injury, according to a small study recently published in the Journal of Neurotrauma. The portable device uses microwave technology to quickly evaluate brain injuries and could potentially give healthcare professionals essential information in the moments immediately after […]

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Brain Injuries May Change Your Genes Putting You At Risk For Later Disease

Brain injuries can have a huge impact on both your brain and your body. But, new research suggests brain injuries can be felt on an even deeper level too. According to new findings published this week in EBioMedicine, brain injuries also affect hundreds of genes linked to an increased risk for a wide range of […]

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New Model Predicts Outcome For Older Individuals With TBI

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often thought of as a “young person’s injury” because of its links with sports and dangerous activities. But, TBI also happens in homes and on roads – during falls, car crashes, and other accidents. Because of this, the injury is also common among older individuals. Unfortunately, the majority of TBI […]

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Female Athletes See Higher Concussion Risk, Despite Focus on Male Athletes

While the headlines tend to focus on male-dominated sports like football, more and more research is showing female athletes aren’t safe from the risk of concussions. In fact, women appear to be notably more likely to experience concussions during their athletics career compared to new men – according to a new study presented at the […]

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Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries May Be Identified By Changes in Brain Connectivity

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries May Be Identified By Changes in Brain Connectivity

A large collaboration between a number of universities around the world suggests mild traumatic brain injuries may be diagnosed using scans that detect changes in brain connectivity. For the study, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, the University of Texas, Austin, the University of Pittsburgh Medical […]

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NASCAR Is The Latest Sport To Introduce Questionable “Concussion Regulations”

The biggest story of the 2016 NASCAR season may have started on the track, but it unfolded far away – in dimly-lit and hushed rooms where Dale Earnhardt Jr. spent months recovering from a brain injury. NASCAR has finally responded to the high-profile injury with a series of new regulations aimed at reducing injuries in […]

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