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Tom Brady isn’t the only NFL player hiding their concussions

According to the official record, Tom Brady has never had a concussion in his 17 years playing in the NFL. So, it obviously raised some eyebrows this month when his wife Gisele Bundchen told Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning that Brady has actually experienced several concussions – including one last season. The disclosure was […]

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High School Football Players Remain Unfazed By Concussion Dangers

Whether or not you agree with the changes, there is no denying that football isn’t the same as it used to be – all thanks to concussions. For one, players face numerous new rules dictating not just when they are removed from play, but how and when they can tackle another player. Even further, athletes […]

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Even Mild Brain Injuries May Cause Impulse Control Problems

Traumatic brain injury has anecdotally been tied to behavioral problems and issues with impulse control for decades, but the relationship between concussions and risk-taking has largely been ignored. Now, a team of researchers from the University of British Columbia has found scientific evidence that even mild traumatic brain injuries (often called concussions) can lead to […]

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High School Athletes Continue To Underreport Concussion Symptoms

The past years have seen great strides in concussion education for high school athletes. Now, most football players (as well as athletes in other contact sports) receiving training on the symptoms, long-term risks, and prevention techniques for concussions at the start of each season. Unfortunately, a new study suggests many athletes are still falling through […]

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Announces His Retirement After Long-Lasting Concussion

After missing nearly all of the 2016 season due to long-lasting concussion symptoms, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. says this year will be his last on the racetrack. The racer is retiring at the end of the 2017 NASCAR Cup Series. Despite never winning the Cup Series season title, the driver has amassed 26 top-level […]

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Tackling Education May Protect Young Athletes From More Severe Concussions

Tackling Education May Protect Young Athletes From More Severe Concussions

  Across the country, schools have adopted regulations dictating what happens to young football players after they are believed to have experienced a concussion. But, many schools and sports organizations have also been adopting new tackling rules and training programs in hopes they can prevent concussions entirely. According to new data released at the American Orthopaedic […]

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NFL Tight End Jordan Cameron Retires Over Concussion Concerns

Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron seemed determined to return to the NFL next year, but after four concussions he has decided it is time to call it quits. “I started thinking about concussions too much,” Cameron, 28, told ESPN. “You can’t play football like that.” The athlete has spent six seasons playing professionally in […]

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Why Parent’s Shouldn’t Be Able To Say When Their Concussed Child Can “Return To Play”

In the past few years, state governments across the nation have passed countless laws and regulations aimed at protecting young athletes’ brains. Many of these bills are basically the same. Most commonly they designate that players are to be removed from practice and competition when they are suspected of having a concussion. Injured players can […]

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NASCAR Stars Talk About Concussions Before Daytona 500

Following the announcement of NASCAR’s new concussion regulations, it is no surprise concussions were a popular topic at the Daytona 500 media day. Several riders were asked about their opinions on the new rules and the upcoming return of Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the major race. Most notably, racing superstar Danica Patrick spoke at length […]

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NASCAR Is The Latest Sport To Introduce Questionable “Concussion Regulations”

The biggest story of the 2016 NASCAR season may have started on the track, but it unfolded far away – in dimly-lit and hushed rooms where Dale Earnhardt Jr. spent months recovering from a brain injury. NASCAR has finally responded to the high-profile injury with a series of new regulations aimed at reducing injuries in […]

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