The Quick and Simple Guide To Concussions


Anyone involved in sports should be able to spot when an athlete might have had a concussion and get them to the appropriate medical attention. There are three main signs of a concussion, and if any are present after a hard knock to the head, you should definitely seek out a doctor.

  • Loss of consciousness (You can still have a concussion without a loss of consciousness)
  • Post traumatic memory loss
  • Headache, dizziness, confusion, and a lack of concentration

The current media surrounding concussions has been very focused on football, but it is important to recognize they can be an issue in any sport. Football isn’t even the sport most likely to give you a concussion. That honor actually goes to bicycling. Additionally, 60% of college soccer players reported symptoms of concussions within a single season according to a McGill University study and nearly all other sports have their own head trauma dangers. has some more information on identifying concussions and their prevalence in sports.


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