NRI Outcome Studies

Outcome Studies


One reason to choose The Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute at Brookhaven Hospital is our proven track record of successful outcomes in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. We owe that success to our experienced team of rehabilitation professionals who work tirelessly to make healing and recovery for every patient their primary goal.

The dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and administrators of NRI are critically aware of the importance of positive patient outcomes—that’s why we conduct an annual outcome validation study to critically evaluate our programming and services and constantly improve the quality of our care.

The outcome study looks at various aspects of NRI’s programs as they relate to our patients, including:

  • Return To Independence: This measures the ability to live with minimal to moderate to no support in a home, group home or nursing home setting.
  • Avocational / Vocational Re-entry: This tracks the rate of return to meaningful life activities such as work, school or volunteer activities, etc.
  • Social Role Return: The rate of return to the person’s pre-injury social role is a determinant in an individual’s ability to maintain their independence over time and enjoy a quality of life.
  • Self-Management of Behavior: This measures an individual’s ability to self-regulate their behavior, which improves the likelihood of success in maintaining their independence.

The results of the latest study indicate positive outcomes for the individuals we serve in terms of the amount of care and supervision required at discharge; the return to a less restrictive placement; participation in work, school and volunteer activities and improved self-management of behavior. And while this data is very encouraging, we understand that outcome studies are not just about looking at where you’ve been—they’re about looking toward the future, looking for new treatment options and techniques to improve our services and increase our rate of successful patient outcomes.

Outcome Studies

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Satisfaction Surveys and Medical Transfers

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Sharing our outcomes with persons served

In 2015 NRI developed a section of Outcome Study Report which was designed for the people we serve to provide them with information about what happens after their discharge from the NRI program.

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