NRI Nurse Case Manager

Nurse Case Managers

Cost Effective and Outcome Orientated Solutions for Difficult Cases

Individuals with a severe brain injury and a neurobehavioral syndrome or a psychiatric condition can be the most challenging cases for even an experienced Nurse Case Managers. These individuals have needs that exceed the resources of a traditional rehabilitation program. The frequency and intensity of their behavior problems require a longer-term solution with increased medical supervision. A significant number of these cases will end up in acute behavioral health units, where they simply “won’t fit” due to their cognitive problems—they often become revolving door admissions through ongoing crisis events in the community.

The Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute’s program at Brookhaven Hospital is designed for people with a severe brain injury, the associated cognitive deficits, and behavior dyscontrol resulting in aggression. The NRI program offers neurological and psychiatric services for patients with a complex set of problems. Our patient-to-staff care ratios support productive participation in rehabilitation, and provide essential opportunities to acquire self-regulatory skills—skills that allow for a transitioning to lower levels of care within the NRI programs. Individuals served by NRI may have experienced their severe brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, in the workplace, through sports, in a fall at home, or through an acquired brain injury or neurological disease. Our inpatient unit offers a continuum of care in our two Transitional and Community Living Center programs. Our programs aim to help patients achieve and sustain the highest level of independence possible.

People come to NRI from all over the world. The NRI programs focus on people with the most challenging problems related to their brain injury. In most cases, there are no other programs with the unique behavioral resources available in the NRI program. The NRI Treatment Team is committed to working with Nurse Case Managers to provide difficult-to-serve individuals with cost-effective rehabilitation services. Our NRI Nurse Evaluators and Brain Injury Case Managers are available to conduct patient evaluations in the person’s current placement.

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