Natasha’s Accident is Saving Lives by Increasing Brain Injury Awareness


Natasha Richardson’s accident and death has already saved one life. The parents of a 7 year old Morgan Mc Cracken were watching TV and learned about Richardson’s tragic death, which spurred them to action. Their daughter, Morgan, had been hit on the head while playing baseball just two days earlier, and appeared to be doing okay. Richardson’s accident made them stop and re-evaluate the situation.

When they went up to say good night to Morgan that night, she was complaining of a headache, and because of what they had learned about Natasha they called the pediatrician immediately. The McCrackens then took Morgan to the emergency room – from there she was taken via helicopter to Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. It was there that the McCracken’s learned the dreadful news, their daughter had the same injury as Richardson: an epidural hematoma.

Thanks to the awareness Richardson’s death has wrought, this little girl is now at home and doing fine.

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