Miner Gets Mild TBI Diagnosis, Remains in Coma


ABC recently reported that lone surviving miner Randall McCloy has sustained a mild traumatic brain injury as a result of oxygen deprivation in last week’s mining disaster that claimed many lives.

So far, McCloy is still in a comatose state, but he is responding to stimuli and he is breathing without the help of a ventilator–both great signs that he is progressing well in his recovery.

Comas are one of the most confusing and distressing events to family and friends, because there’s often a great degree of uncertainty involved. Doctors don’t want to give too much information for fear of creating false hope, but they also don’t want to frustrate loved ones with lack of information. It’s a perpetual state of “let’s wait and see” than can sometimes become maddening the longer the coma lasts.

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