Junior Seau’s CTE Confirmed


Junior Seau, the NFL player who committed suicide following problems with depression, cognition and sleeping, has been confirmed as having Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE as a result of multiple concussions from his football career. His family debated on allowing the examination of his brain but consented to the study. Seau’s confirmed CTE adds another professional football player to the growing list of players with CTE and other neurological, behavioral and cognitive symptoms associated with multiple concussive injuries.

Football, hockey, boxing and even soccer present a risk for brain injury. We need to focus on prevention, early recognition of concussion and the effective management of concussion to prevent further injury. Among the athletes living with CTE and the neurological signs of multiple injuries we need to provide them with assessment and treatment to avoid the tragedies that have marked the end of the lives of many athletes.

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