Hearing Begins for Staff Sgt. Bales: What really happened to this soldier?


The hearings have begun for U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales who has been accused of a mass killing of Afghanistan civilians. The issues which may confound Sgt. Bales’ legal matter still pertains to his potential PTSD and/or Traumatic Brain Injury and his possible intoxication at the time of the alleged event. I had written an earlier blog about Sgt. Bales and the possibility of the effects of the war on his psychological state  as well as some indicators of exposure to events which are associated with multiple concussions or multiple mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI). Now, with the hearings starting, the questions arise of what may caused Sgt. Bales’ problems will need to come to the forefront.

As we know that undiagnosed brain injury can account for personality and behavior changes and PTSD can complicate and deeply disrupt a person’s ability to function. Was Sgt. Bales given appropriate diagnostic evaluations and assessments following a battlefield injury and his potential exposure to multiple explosions and his psychological exposure to warfare? The charges against Sgt. Bales carry a potential death penalty. We want to know what really happened to Sgt. Bales.

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