Can sports concussions be monitored?


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Reebok unveiled a new device called Checklight which indicates if sufficient force to cause a concussion has been received by the wearer. The Checklight consists of a skullcap equipped with sensors to measure rotational forces and impact and provides information via green, yellow and red lights visible under the helmet. Selling for $150 the Checklight device offers a promising technology to players, coaches and family members to prevent sport concussions. Critics are concerned that the device may not cover all ranges of impact which cause concussion and may not adjust to unique physiological aspects of its wearers. But, it does offer players an opportunity to prevent concussive injuries at a low cost. Similar helmet devices can cost more than $1000.

Football and hockey are two sports which have a high risk for concussion. We applaud Reebok’s effort to release a cost effective device which can identify the physical signs of concussion. If impact sports are to survive we need to make them safer for players.

Click here to read the New York Times story about Checklight.


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