Soccer, Not the Safest Sport when looking at Head Injury

A recent study of 32 amateur soccer players is finding that soccer players who “headed” the ball 1,000 to 1,500 times a year exhibit abnormalities of the brain. While 1,000 to 1,500 sounds like a lot, it boils down to “heading” the ball only 3-4 times a day.  Most of the 1,000 to 1,500 “headings” […]

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Program for Incarcerated Teens Addresses TBI

A Texas program for incarcerated adolescents has incorporated TBI screening and treatment to address impulsive behaviors and a lack of self-control. Through a grant, the study will provide assessment and treatment and be coordinated with Wayne Gordon, Ph.D. through Mount Sinai in New York to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. The number of adult individuals with […]

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Can Nanotechnology Revolutionize Brain Injury Treatment Centers?

Last year, bioengineers at Harvard University identified the mechanism for diffuse axonal injury and explained why cerebral vasospasm is more common in blast-induced brain injuries than in brain injuries typically suffered by civilians. Their research offers hope that by better understanding blast-induced injuries, new treatments can be devised. New military-funded treatments are already in the […]

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TBI Rehab: Social Network Launched for People Affected by Life-Changing Events

For those who have endured a traumatic brain injury (TBI), finding a support group hasn’t always been easy. When Bernadette Coleman’s son, Michael Black, suffered a traumatic brain injury in an SUV rollover accident, she turned to the internet for hope that her son might recover. She found plenty of medical information about TBIs, but […]

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It’s Not Just Football

With the recent NFL suicides and the focus on the exposure of football players and their exposure to multiple brain injuries, we need to remain mindful that there are other sports which have a high potential for concussive brain injuries. Certainly ice hockey comes to mind with the high velocity collisions, fighting and other impacts […]

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Military Suicides Keeping Mounting

As of June 8, 2012, there have been 154 military suicides in 155 days. That’s 18% above the already astronomic rate of 2011 or 154 as compared to 130. What’s causing the increased rate of suicide? And, what can be done? The war has dragged on beyond what was thought of as a short-term affair. […]

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Michael coss

TBI Rehab: The Courage to Come Back

Six years ago, Michael Coss was at the top of the world. The salesman had just received a promotion, and purchased a dream house to live in with his wife and two children. He was a natural athlete, excelling at nearly any sport he tried including hockey, golf, baseball and soccer. “I was on Cloud […]

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Another Football Death via Suicide, Possible TBI

  Junior Seau’s suicide via a gunshot to his chest mirrors Dave Duerson’s death. Was Junior preserving his brain for study to determine if he had Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)? Has another great professional athlete experienced a sports related brain injury to add his name to the list of others :     NFL/Football John […]

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Combat Stress: Old Wine in New Bottles

In 1945 the director, John Huston made the documentary film “Let There Be Light” which recognized the combat stress reaction that we now know as PTSD. Huston’s documentary follows soldiers home from the battlefield into a military treatment program. The Army stopped the release of the film for 35 years and it wasn’t until 1981 […]

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Vietnam Vets Shed Light on Suicidal Thoughts

A study conducted by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and the University      of California, San Francisco has noted that veterans with more experiences involving killing were twice as likely to have reported suicidal thoughts as veterans with fewer or no experience involving killing. In the study, the authors created for variables or […]

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