Racing Addresses Safety Concerns After High Profile Crashes

Yesterday was the start of the NASCAR season with the Daytona 500, but a huge crash Saturday on the same track in Daytona which injured over 25 fans has the sport rethinking their safety restrictions. After an attempt to block a pass, several drivers were involved in a large crash which sent a car airborne […]

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Cheerleader PomPoms

Cheerleading is Seeing a Rise in TBI

To those who haven’t been in high school since the 80’s and haven’t managed to see Bring It On on television at some point in their life, it may come as some surprise that cheerleading is one of the more dangerous physical activities available through school. Every year girls suffer broken bones, sprains, and brain […]

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Brain Damage From TBI Can Last Decades

Brain Damage From TBI Can Last Decades

It is widely known in the medical community that some damage from traumatic brain injury can last for years, with symptoms for just as long, but a Canadian researcher is now saying that damage can last for decades. Dr. Maryse Lassonde, neuropsychologist and scientific director of the Quebec Nature and Technologies Granting Agency, has been […]

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New Tablet App Helps Diagnose TBI

Apps to help diagnose traumatic brain injury have been coming out for the past year or so, but they were mostly standardized sets of questions and baseline tests, which were used to compare with answers from after an injury. Pretty much none of the apps had the ability to do actual neuromuscular testing on a […]

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Neck X Ray

Neck Strength is a Predictor of TBI Risk in Athletes

It has long been suspected that neck strength played a role in determining how susceptible a person is to brain injury, especially considering females have consistently had higher concussion rates than males in sports such as soccer and lacrosse. The idea is pretty simple, the stronger your neck is, the more stable it will keep […]

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Brain Injury App

How Technology Is Advancing Traumatic Brain Injury Research

There are three types of traumatic brain injury advances being made right now: preventative, diagnostic, and treatment. Preventative advancements are currently lagging because they come mostly in the form of human change. New helmets and padding do their part to reduce the risk of brain injury, but our professional sports have become so cut throat […]

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Did Brain Injury Help Lead Mindy McCready To Suicide?

Country singer Mindy McCready’s tragic suicide may never be understood, but many speculate that substance abuse may have played a role. Fox News suggests there may have been another factor contributing to her death: brain injury. McCready had a well known abusive relationship with the man who fathered her first son, Billy McKnight, who was […]

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Nasal Spray

Can a Nasal Spray Treat Traumatic Brain Injury?

If human tests are successful, treating a concussion may be as simple as using a nasal spray in the future. Neuroscientist Jake VanLandingham, assistant professor at the Florida State University Department of Biomedical Sciences and director of research for the Memory Disorder Clinic at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, is doing preclinical work with his team on […]

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Boxing’s History With CTE

Boxing and brain injury go hand in hand. While chronic traumatic encephalopathy is just now becoming a serious part of the discussion of football and its safety, studies linking CTE and boxing were being published in 1928. Boxing culture has even given the condition cute nicknames, a kind of macabre way of dealing with knowing […]

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Basketball’s Head Injury Problem

While nowhere near as dire as the NFL, basketball has a head injury problem. It seems every major sport does, but basketball is considered a “noncontact” sport and there has been almost no conversation about the number of brain injuries that occur on the court. Probably because people think it is just a part of […]

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