A Brain Going Rogue

Contact sports draw spectators from children to elderly. While some find this entertaining, it is not without risks and potentially high personal costs.  Many athletes in contact sports, such as football, hockey and soccer suffer repeated and often severe blows to the head resulting in a concussion and injury to the brain.   Some of these […]

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Surviving the Holiday’s with a Traumatic Brain Injury

Surviving the holidays and the hustle and bustle that goes along with the time of year can be exciting and demanding for many individuals, but as a brain injury survivor the holidays can mean a lot of overwhelming challenges and heightened emotions.  Preparation is the key to staying focused and successful throughout the season so […]

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brain science convention

Brain Science Conference Offers Promise for Improved Brain Research

In early November, a group of neuroscientists, medical experts, and policymakers came together at a conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota to talk about the ways different experts could work together to advance brain research and speed up the development of cures for major brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, Parkinson disease, and sports-related brain injuries. One […]

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Students & Sports, More to Consider

Recently, I blogged about the military and their testing program for brain injury. Today I learned that high schools may be doing a better job than the military in testing and in using those results to prevent brain injuries in student athletes. In 2010, 41.2% of the student concussions were evaluated with computerized testing a […]

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Rising Costs

The High Cost of TBI

A woman who sustained a serious brain injury while undergoing a routine procedure at a local medical center was recently awarded $2.9 million dollars for future medical costs, pain and sufferings, and loss of earnings. According to one report, in 2002, a woman named Kathryn Brethour was having an X-ray taken when the cord from […]

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Football Concussion

Pennsylvania Enacts Concussion Laws for Young Athletes

The Pennsylvania State Senate recently approved legislation that would require student athletes who show symptoms of a concussion to be removed from play until they are cleared by a medical professional. Additionally, coaches will be required to complete concussion certification courses and parents and guardians will have to read and sign documents that educate them […]

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Video Games and Your Brain: A Brain Changing Experience

  A small FMRI study conducted by Vincent Matthews, MD, of Indiana University showed that male gamers who spent 10 hours in one week taking aim at video game characters demonstrated diminished activity in the area of the left inferior frontal lobe and less activation in the anterior cingulate cortex during inhibition tasks when compared to […]

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Military Helicopter

Protecting Our Soldiers from Brain Injury: A Flawed Plan

  An investigation by ProPublica and National Public Radio (NPR) has revealed that the military program to test soldiers’ brain function before and after deployment may be inadequate. Through a rushed effort by lawmakers to respond to Traumatic Brain Injury as “the signature wound” of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars the Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metric or […]

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S100-B Protein Levels Help Detect Minor Brain Trauma

An observational study at a teaching hospital in France recently found that measuring the levels of a protein called S100-B could help screen people for minor brain injuries. Typically, computed tomography (CT) scans can be used to detect brain injuries, but the price, exposure to radiation, and underwhelming detection skills (CT scans appear to detect […]

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Statins and traumatic brain injuries

Statins May Help Improve Outcomes for People with Brain Injuries

A national study suggests that statins, which are drugs primarily prescribed to lower cholesterol, may make traumatic brain injury more survivable for older adults. According to the study, seniors who were taking a statin at the time of their brain injury appeared to have more favorable recovery outcomes following their injury. Currently, there are no […]

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