Anxious Parents May Cause Doctors To Order Unneeded Scans

It is important to be concerned about your child’s health, and to take possible concussions seriously, but it appears sometimes being anxious about your child’s well being can cause doctors to order unneeded scans and testing that waste money and other limited resources, as well as possibly exposing children to unnecessary radiation. Researchers from Japan […]

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Concussions May Cause Emotional Problems In Children

The long-term link between repeated brain injuries and anxiety, depression, and behavioral problems is well established, but it appears children with sports-related concussions don’t have to grow up to deal with these types of issues in the months after their injury. The study was lead by Ivet Hartonian, MD, from UCLA, who presented it at […]

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Study Shows Homeless Are At A Higher Risk For TBI

There have been recent studies showing that homeless people have higher rates of traumatic brain injury, but until a recent study there hasn’t been a detailed review of all this data according to Psych Central. That study, lead by Topolovec-Vranic, found that the homeless are at a disproportionately higher risk for TBI, especially men. Strangely, […]

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NFL Changes Rules on Helmet Hits

The NFL is making a lot of changes this off-season in an attempt to fight the brain injury problem plaguing their current and former players. First, they announced they would add neurologists to their sideline medical team for better immediate diagnosis, which we now know will also be aided by special iPad apps. Then, the […]

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The Impact of Sequestration and TBI Research

In his op-ed article, Arthur S. Levine, M.D., who is senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and dean of the School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, states that one of the most pernicious health problems facing this country is traumatic brain injury (TBI).  There are multiple projects providing answers for athletes with sports concussions […]

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It’s Not Just the Boys: Sports Concussions

The topic of concussions in young athletes has been in the headlines lately, much of which has focused on preventing and recognizing the signs of concussion.  Because concussions are so common in football, a predominately male sport, the news of concussion risks to female athletes has been more limited.  The American Academy of Neurology recently […]

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The Mayo Clinic Finds Physiological Response To Brain Injury

In the past few months it has been discovered that there are likely biomarkers in the blood signaling when a traumatic brain injury, there are new ways to identify brain injury with advanced scans, and there are countless apps coming out helping diagnose TBI, yet an unambiguous diagnostic method still eludes us. In the continuing […]

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Can Acupuncture Ease Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms?

Medical treatment for traumatic brain injury symptoms consists pretty much entirely of resting and using over the counter medication to manage headaches and migraines, or antidepressants to manage emotional issues connected to TBI. Unless there was significant physical injury such as extreme swelling, there simply isn’t a lot of active treatment that can be done. […]

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Sports Concussions: the evidence base for evaluation and management of concussions

We are becoming increasingly aware of sports concussions and the link between concussions and brain injuries. The retired NFL players who have come forward to speak about the long-term effects of the multiple concussions they experienced in the game have helped to shed light on the issues as have the unfortunate deaths by suicide of […]

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Iraq war vet faces long-term recovery issues from TBI

Sanjay  Gupta, MD interviewed Sergeant Antwain D’Angelo Vaughn, an Iraq War vet who received a severe TBI in an IED explosion during his second tour of duty. Sergeant Vaughn’s injury shattered the left side of his skull and he lost an eye in the explosion. He required a left-sided craniotomy and spent months in the […]

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