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Doctors Suggest Less Time Spent Healing From Mild TBI

With how much we’re finding out about traumatic brain injury all the time, including newly discovered links to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as CTE, it was only a matter of time before the experts on brain injury would release new guidelines for treating and managing brain injury. An international panel of experts released an […]

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Helmet on Grass

Helmets Prevent Physical Injuries But Do Little For TBI

Take a second to consider that there was a time when football was played without a helmet. Of course, now you need a helmet just to compete in cycling and baseball, but helmets haven’t been as common as they are now for very long at all. As they’ve gotten more popular, the design of helmets […]

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Brain Scan – Nathanial Burton Bradford

A Single Concussion Causes Changes In The Brain

It is well established at this point that repeated traumatic brain injuries can have permanent effects on the brains of patients, but a new study suggests just a single concussion may cause changes in the structure of a brain that cause cognitive problems and increase the risk of depression. The study used magnetic resonance imaging to compare […]

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The NFL and G.E. Share More Information On Their “Head Health Initiative”

The National Football League and General Electric Co. announced their partnership to invest in brain injury diagnosis and research earlier this year, but Reuters reports that on Monday they unveiled more information about their $60 million dollar project in collaboration with leading neurologists. They aim to speed up research and the creation of technologies to […]

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Gary Busey Helps Fundraiser For Traumatic Brain Injury

Back before Gary Busey became known for his antics, non-sequitors, and reality television, Gary Busey was a critically-acclaimed actor. Many forget how introspective and insightful Busey can be, but on Friday in Portland, Gary Busey was both of those things. According to, Busey was speaking at an Oregon fundraiser for brain injury, and it […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury Linked To Heightened Risk Of Addiction

There has been an established link between addiction-related disorders and an increased risk for traumatic brain injury, but according to Medscape, the opposite is also true. In the period following mild traumatic brain injury, there is an increased risk for alcohol, tobacco, and other drug addiction, which decreases over time. The study, published February 22 in […]

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Concussions, the blood-brain barrier and auto-immune disease

Do multiple concussions trigger an auto-immune reaction? Research involving football players in a study through the University of Rochester Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic points to a link between concussions and auto-immune reactions which may account for development of tau deposits associated with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). The study will lead to advancement in […]

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Congress Believes TBI Could Be Causing Veteran Suicides

Brain injury and PTSD are not new issues for the United States military, but they are becoming worse as more and more soldiers return home with serious conditions, and more research shows us the extent TBI and PTSD can affect a person, even years after the initial injury. So far, over 200,000 U.S. troops have […]

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Blood Test

New Device Tests Blood To Diagnose TBI

There have been a few different hand-held diagnostic devices coming out for traumatic brain injury over the past year or two, but they all rely on either standardizing subjective questions asked by those believed to have dealt with a brain injury, or not entirely reliable light scans of the brain to look for areas that […]

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Sub-Concussive Hits Are Causing Serious Brain Damage

It is no secret that the NFL has a brain injury problem. The issue has been covered by pretty much every major new source, and high profile deaths and suicides linked to repeated brain damage has kept the topic at the forefront of sports and health discussions. All this time, the finger has been pointed […]

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