Concussion Laws By State

Arkansas Signs Unusual Youth-Concussion Law

In the past two three years, the majority of states have passed legislation governing youth concussions, and especially how they are managed in sports. As of April 5th, Arkansas joined that ever growing group, becoming the 44th state to adopt a youth-concussion law. The law, signed by Gov. Mike Beebe, probably isn’t what you think […]

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Researchers Find New Target For TBI Treatment

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science indicates that drug intervention to minimize intercellular signaling between astrocytes after traumatic brain injury can reduce long term damage and cognitive defects. The study, published in Brain, discovered that astrocytes, star-shaped glial cells in the brain and spinal cord, play a large role […]

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Depression, Brain Injury and Mindfulness

Earlier today one of my colleagues posted a blog on this site about the application of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy in the treatment of depression for people with brain injuries. I wanted to provide some greater detail and information about the presentation made by Dr. Michel Bedard of Lakehead University at the Congress of the European […]

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An unbelievable theory about concussions

Randy Carlyle, the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, put forward his theory on concussions that clearly falls into the “I can’t believe that he said that” category. We have a long way to go to continue to educate coaches about concussions and brain injury if Mr. Carlyle’s comments are typical of other hockey coaches. […]

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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness-Based Congnitive Therapy Helps Relieve Depression In TBI Patients

Recent research out off Lakehead University and St. Joseph’s Care Group in Thunder Bay, Canada suggest that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) can help relieve symptoms of depression in individuals with mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. The study, presented at EPA 2013: 21st European Congress of Psychiatry, showed that a randomized controlled trial had signs […]

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Judge Anita B. Brody

Hearings Begin on Motion to Dismiss NFL Brain Injury Lawsuits

“This day was long overdue,” said former Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Bill Bergey. Bergey and many other former NFL players had been waiting for Tuesday to come for a long time. It marked the first day in court for the over 4,000 lawsuits related to TBI, as a federal judge listened to arguments […]

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Icebergs, Brain Injury and the Chronic Disease Process

Brent M asel, M.D. and Douglas DeWitt, M.D. refocused our thinking about the chronic disease aspects of brain injury in their 2010 paper on the subject. The Galveston  Brain Injury Conference in 2012 brought together over 50 experts in brain injury research and treatment to re-frame brain injury as a chronic disease. The results of […]

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football brain injury

Former players sue the NFL

Has the NFL knowingly exposed players to the risk of brain injuries? The lawsuit brought against the NFL by former players will determine how much the NFL knew about the risk of traumatic brain injury and the cumulative effects of TBI in players who have sustained multiple concussions. The NFL has downplayed the data revealed […]

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Mother and Child

Identifying TBI In Young Children

For parents, the recent heightened attention on concussions are a little bit more scary than the average person. Most non-athletes assume they can prevent head injuries, except in cases where you can’t control it like a car crash. Parents on the other hand, worry about protecting the minds of their children who are at a […]

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Researchers Find Aerobic Exercise Aids TBI Symptoms

New findings from an interdisciplinary team at the University of Buffalo may have a big impact for how we treat traumatic brain injury in the future. Currently, the main suggestion for TBI patients is lots of rest, both physical and mental, but the study suggests aerobic exercise may actually help recovery. The study followed eight […]

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