Crashed Bicycle

Cyclist With Brain Injury Asks For Harsher Penalty For Driver

While football and fighting in the wars abroad are the most talked about causes of traumatic brain injury in the United States, there are plenty of more common ways a person can incur TBI. Falling and car accidents are two of the most frequent causes of brain injury, and bicycling is highly dangerous for your […]

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football brain injury

Junior Seau’s CTE Confirmed

Junior Seau, the NFL player who committed suicide following problems with depression, cognition and sleeping, has been confirmed as having Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE as a result of multiple concussions from his football career. His family debated on allowing the examination of his brain but consented to the study. Seau’s confirmed CTE adds another […]

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Pennsylvania Doctor Speaks About The Mysteries of TBI

Despite all the literature on the topic, brain injury is still largely a mystery to the medical community, That is slowly changing thanks to Scientists like Douglas Smith, head of Pennsylvania’s Center for Brain Injury and Repair. Smith talked to about the current state of brain injury, and while he is optimistic about the […]

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TBI Not Linked To Heightened Chance Of Dementia

There is a wide-spread belief that repeated traumatic brain injury and dementia are connected, but now a study from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai suggests that belief may be wrong. The paper, entitled “Risk for Late-life Re-injury, Dementia, and Death Among Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury” found no link between TBI with […]

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Indian Protestor

Delhi Gang Rape Victim Dies From Brain Injury

One high profile rape victim in India died last week from swelling of the brain brought on from brain injury, according to The India Times. The 23-year-old woman was gang-raped on a public bus and fought back, causing her attackers to inflict terrible injuries on the girl. The woman has not been named, but is […]

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Clinton's Official Portrait

What Can We Learn From Hillary Clinton’s Concussion?

Most of the concussions I find myself talking about are the result of sports injuries or car accidents, but it is easy to forget that falls are actually the leading cause of traumatic brain injury. That’s why Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent health issues have kept my interest rather well. While trying to recover […]

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Indiana Football Player Shows What Second Impact Syndrome Does To The Brain

You have likely heard about the dangers of repeated traumatic brain injuries. I’ve mentioned it a number of times, and it has been the focus of numerous studies lately, especially as a link has been found between repeated brain injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Normally, these brain injuries occur weeks, months, or sometimes years […]

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Neil Smith

Former NFL Player Sues The League For Brain Injuries

While there have been plenty of doctors denouncing professional football as a dangerous sport, the only people to have spoken up from the NFL have maintained the sport is as safe as it could be. Finally, one former professional football player is fighting back, saying the NFL did not do enough to prevent the brain […]

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Knowing What To Spot Right After A Concussion Could Save A Life

The time immediately following a brain injury is hugely important in telling how bad the damage really is. While the majority of brain injuries are minor, there are a large amount caused by falls, traffic accidents, rough sports, and even physical abuse, which can lead to disability or death. Not all brain injuries act the […]

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Lab rat

Cooling The Brain Post Injury Helps Prevent Seizures In Animal Study

Seizures following a brain injury is one of the largest concerns in the immediate aftermath of a traumatic brain injury. Now, results from an animal study conducted by the University of Washington, with assistance from the University of Minnesota, and Washington University in St. Louis, has shown that mild cooling of the brain after a […]

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