Portable Tool Identifies Brain Injury On The Spot

Time is of the utmost importance when diagnosing brain injury and concussions, yet until now, there have been few objective ways to identify these conditions besides asking the patient a set of questions, and gauging their motor skills. Now, Mashable reports that Infrascan, with assistance from MIT and the U.S. Marine Corps, have created a small portable […]

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Young Athletes Risk Serious Injury By Playing Post-TBI

When people think about concussions or traumatic brain injury, the most widely held assumption is that it requires hitting your head against something else, whether it be the ground, or the inside of a helmet during a collision. That is what Blake Lee thought. The 17-year-old was in the middle of a soccer game in […]

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Brain Scans – UCLA

UCLA Researchers Identify Protein Linked To CTE In Living Patients

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy has been making headlines ever since it was discovered that most of the brains submitted to brain banks by deceased NFL players showed signs of the disorder. There has been a lot of concern over how many living athletes may be dealing with the symptoms from CTE. CTE is a degenerative brain […]

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New Technology Aids the Detecting TBI

A new handheld infrared scanner used by Emergency Medical personnel can detect bleeding in the brain and identify individuals who require timely intervention to avoid more extensive brain injuries caused by delayed treatment. The device is being used by the U.S. military and continues to be “tweaked” to improve its performance under adverse conditions. In […]

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DoD Speaks On PTSD And TBI Treatment Plan

The Defense Department seems to be doubling down on making sure veterans and soldiers returning home are getting the mental health care they need. On January 15th, a top DoD health official told a Pentagon task force that determining the impact of mental health programs across the military will be a major project for the […]

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Understanding Why Brain Injuries Are Called ‘Invisible Injuries’

Anyone who has ever had a brain injury understands exactly what is meant when brain injuries are called the “invisible injuries.” You look the same, and everything on the surface seems normal, but there is something different that can’t be pinned-down. It is usually hard to reconcile these types of changes because of how the […]

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Heightened Levels Of Lipids After Brain Injury Linked With Tay-Sachs

Traumatic brain injury is called the “signature injury” for veterans coming back from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is estimated by the Rand Corporation that 320,000 of the soldiers returning have struggled with significant neurological issues, such as memory loss and anxiety, even though they show no physical signs of brain injury. Now, Chemical […]

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Retired NFL Football Players show signs of CTE

A study conducted by Dr. Gary Small and his colleagues from the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA has shown that the early signs of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE can be detected early in the progression of the brain disease associated with multiple concussions. In the UCLA study, former NFL players […]

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Troy Adams Running

Troy Adams’ Run Across Canada For TBI Was Just The Start

People struggling with traumatic brain injury and the long lasting side effects from it find hope in areas you might not ever imagine. After a car wreck in 2003, Troy Adams dealt with memory loss, depression, and anxiety. Adams struggled for years, unsure of how to keep growing and achieve something meaningful after his crash. […]

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Increased Understanding of TBI Has Changed How Children Are Treated

If you ask someone over the age of 30 if they have ever had a concussion when they were young, there is a good chance they will say they have. They probably won’t exhibit any symptoms from the injury, and most likely they are completely fine. Concussion just wasn’t considered a serious injury back then. You […]

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