More Research About TBI and Football Comes Out

The most recent report by the American Academy of Neurology confirmed the dangers of concussions and repetitive hits to the head in sports, especially football. This study’s results are far from earth-shattering, acting more as another brick in the construction of an objective understanding of the dangers of traumatic brain injuries, or TBI. The study […]

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Stephen Hawking

New Tech May Allow Coma Patients to Communicate

On October 25, 2012 Dr. Damian Cruse will be the guest speaker for an event at the New Beginnings Brain Injury Association of Chatham-Kent in Ontario, Canada. The worker for the Centre of Brain and Mind at London’s Western University hopes to unveil new technology that allows comatose brain injury patients to communicate in a […]

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New Material Lowers Chance of Brain Injuries in Sports

New technology being used in Pittsburgh may finally offer a way to stem the dramatic rise in head injuries. The thin, lightweight material is called Unequal CRT or Concussion Reduction Technology, and it can be easily inserted into a helmet. Rob Vito, the CEO of Unequal, told reporter for CBS Pittsburgh Sarah Arbogast they use […]

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Landry Won’t Stop Head Hunting

LaRon Landry apparently hasn’t gotten the message about the cumulative effects of concussions if this story is true. We continue to address in NeuroBlog the long-term problems that NFL players with multiple concussions experience which include cognitive decline, depression and suicidal behavior as aspects of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Why would a player engage in tactics […]

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Falling Is The Number One Cause Of TBI

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, has released a Fast Facts report naming falls as the number one cause of traumatic brain injuries or TBI. reported on the details of the third installment of the Fast Fact report, which is based on information collected within Allen County Indiana. The […]

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Cognitive Therapy Denial Overturned

A significant success was achieved through an external review board’s reversal of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi’s denial of cognitive rehabilitation benefits for James Butler following his stroke. Mr. Butler suffered a series of strokes which left him with a residual right hemiparesis, speech and cognitive deficits which impaired his ability to function […]

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World Wide

Brain Injuries are a Global Concern

Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld, one of Australia’s leading neurosurgeons and head of Monash University’s Department of Surgery wants people to know brain injuries are still a serious threat to citizens all across the world. Paul Breen, from Serious Law LLP, says many people do not arrive to the hospitals for brain injuries, but only go when a […]

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What makes memories?

The making of a memory is a complex event within the brain and a central aspect of our ability to learn. Yet, it is something that we take for granted until it starts to fail us through aging, disease or injury. Recently I came across a wonderful series of lectures by Eric Kandel, M.D. and […]

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Electrical Jolts to the Brain Help Rats Walk

Rats with spinal cord injuries can have their walking abilities strengthened through stimulation of the brain, according to researchers present at the October 15th annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. They hope this will lead to great improvements in treatment for humans with spinal cord injuries. The process is called deep brain stimulation, and […]

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Teacher with Brain Injury Raises Money for Children’s Helmets

In 2010, Brad Nichols sustained a brain injury in a car accident. He is still suffering from that injury. He is only able to teach part-time now at King Edward Public School in Canada, which he cites as evidence of how terrible a brain injury could be. You wouldn’t think the injury is holding the […]

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