Scientists Look For Physical Proof of “Invisible Injuries”

Two injuries are associated with veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan than any others. According to the New York Times, roughly a half a million veterans have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI), and there are likely many injured soldiers that have been missed. Both of these injuries are diagnosed […]

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Scans Show Soldiers With TBI Have High Rate of Complication

It appears that U.S. military members who have endured a traumatic brain injury are likely to have complications such as narrowed blood vessels and increased pressure in the brain. This information was presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference by Alexander Razumovsky, PhD, director of Sentient NeuroCare Services, according to a press release. […]

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Hyperbaric Chamber Internal

More Evidence Shows HBOT Treatment Can Stimulate Brain Healing

Most brain injury related discoveries lately have been focused on prevention and diagnosis, but there are also advancements being made in treating brain injury, as Israeli researchers have announced. This isn’t the first study supporting the idea that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can work wonders for TBI patients, but their study supports all the current evidence […]

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Biomarker study will define TBI and PTSD

Dr. Charles Marmar of the NYU Langone Center has received a $17 million grant from the Steven A. and Alexandra M. Cohen Foundation to search for biomarkers which can clearly identify Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD. Dr. Marmar wants to define specific biomarkers which can be used to diagnose brain injury and psychiatric disorders like […]

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Vision Problem Rates Among TBI Patients Are Very High

Though they are one of the most common symptoms reported after a concussion, the vision problems associated with traumatic brain injury are still not well understood. We are just now getting a sense of how common these vision issues really are, and a new study in the February issue of Optometry and Vision Science says […]

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Goodell Says Head Injury Prevention Is NFL’s Highest Priority

With the explosion of news about traumatic brain injury, football, and everything connecting the two in the days leading to the Super Bowl, there has been a lot to get caught up with. Nearly every event held in the days before the game brought a mention of TBI, and just about every player possible was […]

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Helmet on Ground

New Helmet Padding Systems Hope To Stem The Tide Of TBI

Despite all of the naysayers claiming that no form of padding or helmets will protect athletes and soldiers from traumatic brain injury, engineers are still toiling away every day trying to create padding that will at the very least cut the rate of TBI if not completely prevent it. So far, evidence suggests that current […]

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Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Gupta Explains Why We Need To Call Concussions a Brain Injury

Just because it is now officially the off-season for the NFL doesn’t mean the NFL’s woes are going away. The game is played by men who average 250 pounds, with some who are much heavier, made of pure muscle, and whose primary goal is to slam into each other as hard as they have to […]

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Roger Goodell

The NFL and G.E. Team Up To Prevent and Detect Brain Injuries

While the Super Bowl went without any clear incidents of brain injury, the topic still hung around the day like a dark cloud, which the NFL tried to disarm as well as they could. While the NFL is often painted as the villain in the conversation, and occasionally they kind of have been, it is […]

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Hall of Fame Member Talks About TBI in the NFL

The Super Bowl is finally over and luckily there were no clear major injuries on the field, but that doesn’t mean the conversation about brain injury in professional football is going anywhere. The conversation was at a fever pitch in the days surrounding the game however, and people connected with the NFL were giving their […]

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