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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Announces His Retirement After Long-Lasting Concussion

After missing nearly all of the 2016 season due to long-lasting concussion symptoms, NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. says this year will be his last on the racetrack. The racer is retiring at the end of the 2017 NASCAR Cup Series. Despite never winning the Cup Series season title, the driver has amassed 26 top-level […]

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The Frightening Path From Domestic Violence and TBI To Crime

When doctoral student Kristi Wall interviewed then 19-year-old Sarah Romero for Newsweek, Romero was a criminal in prison for stealing a “bait car” – a car purposely left by cops for someone to steal in a sting operation. But, not long before she was branded a criminal by a judge, Romero was something else; she […]

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How To Help An Employee Return To The Workplace After Traumatic Brain Injury

When an employee has a brain injury, it can be difficult for an employer to know exactly what they need to do to accommodate their employee’s needs. Depending on the severity of the brain injury, an employee may just need a few days off. Or, they may need significant changes to their work environment and […]

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Head Impact Sensors May Not Be As Useful As Advertised

As the threat of concussions and the associated long-term brain risks or repeated head trauma looming, many sports organizations are turning to new advanced technology in an attempt to keep their athletes safe. Most recently, this has included the growing use of impact measurement systems that claim to alert staff on the sidelines when a […]

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“This is Friggin’ Serious”: Former NFL Running Back Charlie Garner Talks CTE

Charlie Garner is a former NFL running back who rushed for over 7,000 yards and 39 touchdowns across an 11-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At 45-years-old, he is also the latest former professional football player to open up about the effects the sports has had […]

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Disrupted Brain Pathways Could Explain The Difference Between TBI in Men and Women

Men and women who experience concussions often have similar experiences in many ways. The headaches, nausea, and confusion are almost universal among those who experience a  traumatic brain injury. But, the effects of TBI in men and women can also be very different. Past research has shown women are significantly more likely to develop neuropsychiatric […]

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smart brain can earn more money

TBI Can Be Costly, Even Years Later

The personal costs of traumatic brain injury can be devastating. Disability, mental and emotional changes that can be potentially long-lasting, and relationship strain are just a few ways the injury can affect a person. However, it is often forgotten that the actual monetary cost of TBI can be just a severe for many. A new […]

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NFL’s Concussion Protocol Sidelines Michael Oher for Six Months (So Far)

There are plenty of reasons to be critical of the NFL’s concussion policies. From the number of high-profile players who manage avoid the concussion protocol when they are obviously injured to the lack of consequences for those who blatantly violate the rules. But, for those who do end up placed in the protocol, it appears […]

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Decade Long Study Shows Female Soccer Players Are At Highest Risk For Concussions

Decade Long Study Shows Female Soccer Players Are At Highest Risk For Concussions

Football continues to hog the spotlight when it comes to concussions, but a new report from the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons shows female soccer players are the athletes who face the highest risk for brain injuries. “While American football has been both scientifically and colloquially associated with the highest concussion […]

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Randy Cross Talks CTE

CTE Research Faces a Difficult Future But Athletes Are Helping By Donating Their Brains

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has become a hot-button topic in both the medical and sports communities as the link between the permanent brain disease and repeated head impacts gradually becomes more clear. In recent years, studies have made it increasingly evident that repeated concussions or severe head impacts can lead to the development of CTE. […]

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