About Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute

About NRI


At NRI, we understand that no two brain injuries are identical—and therefore no two treatment plans should be either. Individual patients require individual solutions—that’s why NRI offers personalized treatment options featuring hospital-based care and residential care.

NRI’s hospital-based inpatient program was designed to meet the needs of individuals who require around-the-clock monitoring and intensive medical care. Treatment takes place in our newly built, state-of-the-art facility that includes 11,000 square-feet of self-contained residential, treatment and recreational space. In addition, an adjacent building, known as the Brookhaven Annex, provides over 7,000 square-feet of newly remodeled space for recreation and home training skills.

For individuals with a brain injury, community reintegration can be a slow and painful process, often taking several years. That’s why NRI also offers two long-term transitional and supported living programs that provide a safe, home-like environment where individuals can continue to recover with the help of experienced medical and rehabilitation professionals.

While undergoing community rehabilitation and recovery, patients stay in a comfortable, home-like setting designed to promote healing and maximize the patient’s sense of independence and normalcy. During their time in NRI’s Transitional Living Program, patients are encouraged to become responsible for their everyday needs to achieve greater levels of freedom and independence.


When it comes to treating traumatic brain injuries, it takes more than ordinary health care to deliver life-changing results. In fact, NRI receives many referrals from rehabilitation facilities and case managers around the country that are incapable of addressing the needs of patients with a complex, severe brain injury. At NRI, we are committed to serving this population.

We believe that individuals with moderate to severe disabilities resulting from a neurologic injury or disease can return to satisfying and productive lives. That is our vision—and our mission. We value these individuals and feel they are entitled to a life of dignity and self-respect. We believe that by working together and never giving up, positive results will be achieved.

To find out more about NRI’s programs for the treatment of traumatic brain injury, call or request a free assessment today.