Army veteran’s TBI recovery led him back to school and into business

Like many people who experience a serious traumatic brain injury, Army Staff Sgt. Brian Grundtner faced lots of doubt and uncertainty after he fell 50-feet during an airborne training jump. He didn’t know what his recovery would entail or what his life would be like afterward. He certainly didn’t know his path through recovery would […]

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Smartphone app helps teens recover from concussions by making symptoms the enemy

After a concussion, most people are told to avoid electronic devices like televisions or smartphones because it is believed that they can worsen the brain’s ability to heal. However, a new study published in the journal Brain Injury suggests using a specific smartphone app every day may actually be able to help people recover their […]

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Penn State researchers find two potential concussion treatments

Despite all the recent studies on concussions and new gadgets designed to help identify brain injuries when they happen, one thing hasn’t changed regarding concussions – the treatment. People who experience mild traumatic brain injuries are still told to rest and gradually return to activity as their symptoms subside. Other than that, there is currently […]

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Preseason brain injuries show the NFL still hasn’t learned

The 2017 NFL season hasn’t even officially kicked off, but players are already suffering concussions in preseason training and games. The early brain injuries may foreshadow a tough season for the NFL and it’s handling of brain injuries. The league has been under intense scrutiny of its handling of concussions since the release of a […]

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Alzheimer’s and Antidepressants make TBI more likely

Alzheimer’s and Antidepressants make TBI more likely

If you were just judging by the media coverage, you could be forgiven for thinking that sports like football are the leading causes of traumatic brain injury. That is not the case, though, as aging adults are one of the most likely demographics to experience a concussion or TBI. Now, new research published in the […]

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New tool could revolutionize brain pressure monitoring after TBI

Traumatic brain injuries can cause a number of secondary issues, the most dangerous of which would be increased pressure in the brain. As the pressure in the brain increases after an injury, it can cause numerous serious problems including severe brain damage and even death. Unfortunately, the only way to monitor intracranial pressure (ICP) involves […]

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What exactly is a concussion? [Video]

Concussions happen across the country every day, but the injury remains poorly understood by many – even those who experience one. People ignore the growing symptoms and dismiss the serious injury as “getting your bell rung” or being “knocked silly,” because the actual damage can’t be seen with the naked eye. Now, you can finally […]

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NFL and NIH end agreement to fund brain injury research

Nearly five years ago, the NFL responded to intense scrutiny over its handling of concussions and high-profile suicides like that of linebacker Junior Seau by publicly committing to donate $30 million to the National Institutes of Health for brain research. At the time, it helped to quell strong criticism and give the NFL the chance […]

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NFL players react to CTE findings with some concern and a lot of apathy

While the world of football is still reeling from a new report finding evidence of CTE in the brains of all but one of 111 deceased former NFL players, the league is gearing up for its latest season. Teams across the country are starting their pre-season training camps, but some of the athletes are having […]

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These concussion tools may be effective for identifying injured children

As the severity of football’s concussion problem has become harder to ignore in recent years, a number of tools and assessment systems have been created to help identify and treat brain injuries among athletes in high-school or older. However, few of these tools have been tested to verify if they are effective for younger athletes. […]

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