Louise Slaughter

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter dies days after concussion

Long-time Congresswoman Rep. Louise Slaughter of New York died Friday from injuries related to a fall in her home. While the details of her passing are not clear, George Washington University Hospital chief of staff Liam Fitzsimmons noted Ms. Slaughter had suffered a concussion in her home in Washington days earlier. The liberal Democrat was […]

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High school athletes are avoiding football because of concussion concerns

Worries about concussions and their long-term effects are driving many younger athletes away from football, according to a new U.S. study published in the JAMA Pediatrics. Since 2008, the number of high school football players has steadily dropped while awareness about the links between head injuries and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has spread. As the […]

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Know the red flags for concussion [Infographic]

When a concussion happens, speed is the most important thing in the world. A second brain injury in quick succession can have dire consequences including death. So, the longer it takes to recognize the injury, the longer you’re allowing yourself or an injured person to be at increased risk for more severe injury. In the […]

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John Orsini NYT

Father sues ex-wife to keep son from playing football after concussions

Traumatic brain injuries have already been the center of several major legal cases against groups like the NFL, NCAA, and major helmet manufacturers, but now they are entering a new legal arena – custody disputes. A father, John Orsini, is suing his ex-wife to prevent his youngest son from continuing to play football following multiple […]

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Brett Favre says he suffered concussions from 90% of tackles

Brett Favre has infamously only been knocked out once in his 20-year professional football career. The moment came on his very last play, capping off a record-breaking career with a devastating blow. However, it wasn’t his only concussion. Losing consciousness is considered one of the trademark signs of a concussion, but loss-of-consciousness only occurs in […]

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The NFL promises “immediate action” on concussions after disastrous year

The NFL promises “immediate action” on concussions after disastrous year

The NFL has had a bad year with brain injuries. Several high-profile incidents caught the league ignoring its own concussion protocols and letting obviously concussed athletes remain on the field. One study found that 110 or 111 brains of former NFL players showed signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Harsh criticism made the NFL change […]

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Study finds more than half of prisoners have TBI

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have been associated with memory problems, behavioral issues, and difficulty controlling anger. So, it might not be surprising to hear a UK study has found more than half of prisoners have experienced a TBI. While it is currently believed this high rate of brain injury may fuel violent crimes in the […]

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Former NFL Player says he’s had 2,500 concussions

When professional athletes are asked how many concussions they’ve had, they tend to lowball. Often, you’ll hear “four or five” or the athlete will shrug off the question with “I don’t know”. Almost never do you get told a number more than 10 – in even the most extreme cases. When former professional football player […]

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What can woodpeckers teach us about brain injury?

The people working on treating and preventing brain injuries often look toward the woodpecker. These birds smack their heads against trees thousands of times a day, yet they don’t get brain injuries. Or, do they? Because woodpeckers don’t show any signs of behavioral changes or memory issues as they age, we have all assumed their […]

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Can xenon gas prevent blast-related traumatic brain injury?

The vast majority of traumatic brain injuries are the result of blunt force trauma – striking your head against either the ground or an object. This can also be caused by whiplash-like motions that cause the brain to bounce against the inside of the skull. However, a number of brain injuries – particularly those endured […]

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